ABOUT the Owner

Born in Quebec city, son of a proffessional architect, Simon Corriveau grew up among blue prints and around commerciial building sites.

    " When I was a kid I used to sneak into my dad's den and look at bleu prints and play with his professional seal. I loved science. math and goemetry but I soon realized that I prefer to spend my life outside working then on a school bench"


    " I like to work with my hands. I like working physically and also be out there with the elements. There is nothing like a good day of work outside or doing some finishing work inside when the weather is really bad." 


    " I am not into big companies. I am working so I can pay my bills. I work with a small crew and a few trades. I am on the worksite most of the time assuring that the quality and workmanship is maintained. You can expect a one on one relationship with me, not some other guys you didn't hire"


    " Don't hesitate to contact me. There is no obligation. You have a small job, a big reno, a addition to be build or a new home, I can help with designing, building and finishing"